Success Stories

Spectacles his Best Friends

Sanjiv Paswan, a 60 year old very poor old man, lost his right eye when he was young and had been managing with only his left eye. He belongs to a very poor family and was working as an agriculture labourer and was the sole bread earner. His problem increased when he developed cataract in his left eye. His vision was poor and somehow managed to see a bit during the day but in the night his world was dark. He did not have money for surgery or buy spectacles for himself.
Sanjiv was operated in DORD Eye Hospital free of cost and provided spectacles. After surgery, with help of spectacles he has regained his lost vision and is desirous to work once again and earn for his family. He is better now and is able to work without any support.

Vision Regained through Cataract Surgery

Rajmati is a 70 year old poor women – unable to earn and totally dependant on her sons who are not sensitive enough towards her needs ailments and disabilities. She had developed cataract blindness since last 4 years but could not get the surgical treatment due to poverty.
We organised a free of cost surgery camp at our eye hospital and we also organised screening camps in each Block. We gave a wide publicity to both. It was upon this that Rajmati’s sons brought her in her screening camp. Rajmati was selected for the surgery and was given a date to come to our eye hospital.
Now after the surgery, Rajmati has regained her vision fully and is so very pleased to see the face of her grandson clearly who was born 2 years ago. She is able to attend to her personal chores independently and is far less dependent on her family member. It is like a new world and a new life for her.

Saving life of Asmina with nourishment at Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre

Asmina is 15 months old and is severely malnourished, weighing under 6 kilos. She belongs to a scheduled community and is one of four children. Her parents are employed as labour and earn meagre amount to support their family. Asmina was dependent on mother’s milk as the only nutritious supplement. Though the family is classified as Below the Poverty (BPL), their size makes BPL rations insufficient. Her parents often go without work, making the situation worse.
During community mobilisation, our staff noticed Asmina’s grave condition, counselled her parents and immediately admitted her in NRC Rohtas on March 1st, 2013.
As per WHO norms, Asmina was severely malnourished. We initiated a supply of supplementary nutritious items which was given to her mother on 28th June, 2013. After receiving the Items her mother was overwhelmed and thankful to the people of DORD and the donor who improved the life of her child.