Rural Eye Health Project

“Netra Vasant” Rural Eye Health Programme, is implementing by DORD in Aurangabad, Rohtas and Gaya districts funded by Sightsavers India.

The programme is concentrating on strengthening, facilitating and capacity building of infrastructures, human resources at DORD Hospital located at Aurangabad district, Bihar, to conduct eye treatment and cataract surgeries for poor and needy community.

Major highlights of the findings are summarized below:


Activities Competed No Detail Steps
2 Vision Centres set up in 2 Blocks ·   We have opened 2 Vision Centres at Goh and Aurangabad Blocks of Aurangabad district

·   VC will be run in business model and raise revenue through OPD and sale of spectacle so that meet the salary of staff

·   Technical assistance getting from Aravand Eye Hospital.

ASHA Training on Primary Eye Care 264 out of 1056 ASHA trained ·   2 training session organized at PHC premises in Daudnagar, Obra and Haspura blocks.
Comprehensive screening Camp 12 out of 48 camps organized ·   4 comprehensive camps organized every month.

·   Every month organized 30-40 Camps in Aurangabad district.

Printing of IEC Material

(Small Banner, Banner & Wall writing)

340 small banners


34 banners &


85 Wall drawing & writing

·   340 small banners installed on /at different spots/places in this quarter

·   34 banners hanged, as such, we can aware and attracted more cataract patients for surgeries.

·   5 wall painting and writing messages done in each 11 blocks in Aurangabad district.


Capacity Building of Private Stakeholders (RMPs, Quacks) ·       Selected 149 RMPs from Daudnagar, Obra & Haspura Blocks

·       Shared Compiled Report of RMP database with Sightsavers

·       Trained RMPs in DORD Hospital  b/w 15-17 Sept.

·       Introduced Referral Services and Incentives for RMPs

Training of CBO on Eye Health-20 SHG/Block ·       Shared Methodology, Monitoring Mechanism and Outcome with Sightsavers

·       Introduced Referral Incentives to SHGs, ASHA & RMPs.

TOT-District ASHA Trainer ·       Master Trainers Training- 6 & 7 Aug
Awareness Sessions on Primary Eye Care -1000 ASHAs ·       ASHAs Trained at Obra, Daudnagar, Haspura & Goh

·       Batch Size was 25-30 with 2 ASHA Facilitators

·       Distributed Vision Charts & Ropes ( 6m) to each ASHA

·       Finalized & Printed Training Module, Referral Slip

·       Procure Rope of 6 mitres with help of Sightsavers

Incentive for Cataract Surgery ·       Decided incentive will be distributed among 3 different stakeholders -ASHAs, RMPs & SHGs
Primary Eye Care Training Module ·       Finalized Training Module & Print Booklet – 1400 nos. (1000+150+250)
Conduct Outreach Comprehensive Camp ·       Organized 1-2 Camps every month at PHC/APHC/Referral Hospital Level. Ensure Doctor should present
Support 2-3 Model Vision centres in Districts Hospital ·      Vision Centre was not functioning well. Almost defunct/un-manned most of the time. Decision taken for utilize fund in procuring Hospital Equipment
HR support for Cataract Surgery-Ophthalmologist-2000 IOLs ·       One more Ophthalmologist joined DORD Eye Hospital from 7th August, 2015

·       Presently we are working with consultant ophthalmologist

Conduct 2000 surgeries from Aurangabad District with support of DBCS/RSBY/ any other scheme ·      Free Surgeries started and later DBCS also approved for free surgery

·      Insurance Company RSBY approved and started service in this hospital


Support for Equipment of Vision Centre in Year-1 ·      Conducted 375 cataract surgeries in  Rohtas District free of cost

·      Conducted Additional Surgeries 1000 in  Rohtas District with support from Sightsavers.

Equipment’s for capacity building of DORD Hospital and Vision Centres ·      DORD received additional equipment support from Sightsavers-

Name of the equipment Quantity
Distance Vision Chart 2
Near Vision Chart 2
Trial Set with Trial Frame 4
Slit Lamp with Motorized Table 2
Streak Retinoscope 2
Applanation Tonometer 2
Direct Ophthalmoscope 2
Schiotz Tonometer 2
Lensometer 2
Support for Equipment of Vision Centre in Year-1 ·      Conducted 375 cataract surgeries in  Rohtas District free of cost

·      Conducted Additional Surgeries 1000 in  Rohtas District with support from Sightsavers.

BCC & IEC Activates ·       Distributed Handbills – 2,000 in each 11 Blocks  every month

·       Wall Paintings done – 8-10 in each 11 Blocks

Cataract Surgeries

DORD Hospital has performed 12,022 eye surgeries in FY 2016-18 wherein 9,781 cataract surgeries were done FREE OF COST to poor patients in DORD Hospital at Daudnagar (Aurangabad), Bihar State.


Strengthening the eye care service delivery by providing technical and equipment support and upgrading the available resources at Jay Prakash Narayan Hospital (Sadar Hospital), Gaya related to eye care treatment.

The goal of the project is to increase the accessibility of institutional eye care treatment in Sadar Hospital as well as 5 rural vision centres operational in Gaya district. Operationalize Eye OT in Sadar Hospital is the prime goal of this project.

Resource Upgradation:

  1. The incomplete OT at the hospital will be furnished and fabricated with tools & equipment. Thereafter we shall fix all eye care equipment supplied by Sightsavers. Thereafter, we shall conduct SWAB Culture Test from reputed Testing Laboratories. At the end, inaugural formalities will be concluded by involving Principal Secretary, District Magistrate, Civil Surgeon, ACMO, DS, and Eye Surgeon.
  2. Renovate the patient’s ward earmarked by the CS, DHS – Gaya. The ward will accommodate 4-6 patients at a time.
  3. Fixation of all necessary equipment for OPD and IPD.
  4. Developing Bodh Gaya Vision Centre at PHC as Model Vision Centre with supply and installation of medical equipment supported by Sightsavers.

Mobilization and awareness generation:

  1. Training of 360 ASHAs on primary eye care prevention at Tekkari and Sadar blocks.
  2. Ensure referral services by ASHAs for bringing Cataract Patients into Sadar Hospitall, we propose to provide incentives @ Rs. 250/- for each cataract surgeries mobilized by them.
  3. Wall writing & other IEC activities will be conducted in 5 vision centres and Sadar Hospital for branding of Eye OT and Sightsavers in hospital and publicity of the services being provided through REH Project
  4. World Sight Day will be observed as a part of awareness generation activity in eye care.

Service Delivery:

  1. Perform 513 Cataract Surgeries in nine months in the Eye OT at DHS, Gaya
  2. Organize weekly screening camps with the support of District Ophthalmic Supervisor, in 5 PHCs of the district and facilitate the selected patients for cataract surgeries.
  3. Arrange for routine cataract surgeries in Eye OT in JPN Hospital (Sadar Hospital), Gaya.
  4. Undertake ASHA training in the selected blocks i.e. Tekari and Gaya Sadar

Planning, implementation, reporting and monitoring:

  1. District Coordinator with the support of Ophthalmic Supervisor-Gaya will prepare monthly advance plan and share it with DORD & Sightsavers
  2. Implementation as per the plan and monthly reporting of the activities will be ensured by the District Coordinator
  3. Monitoring will be joint responsibility of Sightsavers & DORD
  4. In the meantime, we shall be conducting an District Eye Health Assessment Tool (DEHAT) during project implementation. We shall focus on basic eye care needs in this district and existing facilities are and what impacts are on patients / community after interventions of rural eye health project. We are hoping to conduct assessment in the month of Nov-Dec, 2018.