Cataract Surgery


To provide facilities for eradication of cataract blindness in Aurangabad, Arwal, Gaya, Patna, Kaimur & Rohtas Districts of Bihar State.

  1. To provide free of cost cataract surgeries for 5,000 poor old persons with IOL implant.
  2. To provide them all the necessary medicines and post operative as well as after care services
  3. To create conditions to promote the cause and care of neglected poor elderly persons.
  4. To promote eye health prevention awareness, conduct eye tests, provide simple treatment and referral services
    operationalising vision centres.
  5. To facilitate integration of atleast 40% of the cataract surgery beneficiaries to the Governmental Social Protection Schemes for further support to them.


  • A total of 5,000 poor old persons regaining their lost vision
  • Other poor old persons provided eye test facilities in the vision centres to be run by DORD in the target area.
  •  The cause and care of the poor and neglected elderly persons brought in the focus
  •  The society, community and families mobilized to come into action to mitigate the sufferings of the elderly persons.
  •  The community members introduced to the facilities available with the implementing agency to be able to reach the benefits to other elderly persons, too.
  •  The organisational experience and capability increased to provide eye care services to the elderly beneficiaries.
  •  At least 40% of the 5,000 cataract surgery beneficiaries integrated with Governmental Social Production Schemes to their sustained support.