DORD School

DORD Innovative Girls School for excluded community

Formation of Project Team for DORD School:

After receiving EIFI Award from HP in Delhi, we formed experienced Organisational Team of DORD including our Executive Committee Members Mr. Anwar Hussain Ansari, Secretary, DORD; Mr. Manoj Kumar, Founder Member of DORD, Dr. Zahid Hussain, Director, DORD and myself with Tasneem Ahmed, Programme Officer, DORD, Mr. Nizamuddin, Finance Officer, DORD and Dr.Ya’shua Yisrael, Volunteer from AJWS USA are also part of this team.


Selection of School Venue:

Our above team has decided to convert Organisational Registered Office in Old Town at Daudnagar into School premised for Senior Section from class III upto X. Only 4 Rooms was available and we constructed 3 more rooms in total 7 rooms are enough to start classes. One room is dedicated for Computer Lab-cum-Admin Office for administrative purposes. Presently, this premises is rent free.


Secondly, we hired another school premises for Junior Section which is known from White House Building in New Town at Daudnagar which is sufficient space with 10 rooms for class LKG to Std II. School Principal Chamber and Office running from this building


Launching formal DORD School with Infrastructure:

We installed 2 sets of computers, 3 sets of Tables and 12 chairs, 10 Writing Boards, 2 Display Boards, 2 School Sign Boards and 42 sets of new Desk and Benches ( 3 seat each) and available 100 Desk and Benches and Generator also.
We also purchased School Fee Software and installed it and managing smooth functioning of tuition fee and bus fee collection of the school.

Selection of Faculty and Non-teaching Staff:

We booked 3 times Staff Recruitment Advertisement in leading newspaper for selection of Qualified and Skilled Principal and Teachers for modern education including Mathematics, English, Computer and Science.


IEC Campaign for Launching DORD School:

We created our own advertisement and designed with highlighting EIFI fund with HP Logo in all materials. We covered Aurangabad district initially in 1st phase through under mentioned type of advertisements—

Geographical Area and Beneficiaries Details:

Aurangabad and Patna districts are our area of operation. We have started formal education after launching formal school at Daudnagar in 2013 in the 1st Phase and remaining centres are open since 2014.

Innovation & Strategic Planning for DORD School:

Admissions Free for All Paid Students:

FREE Admissions was highlighting points in our all IEC materials to attract all paid students. Side by side, we distributed handbills in Urdu language among Muslims Male Persons who gather for Special Pray in the Mosques on Every Friday for FREE Admissions, Tuition Fees and Text Books for all Poor Muslim Girls highlighted with modern education facilities including Math, Science and Computer education.

As such, we took 399 admissions of Paid Students and 110 admissions of Poor Muslim Girls. We distributed Text Books and Copies from of Cost to all Poor Muslim Girls.

Using NCERT Syllabus:

We took policy decision to use NCERT Books from Standard I to Standard X for maintaining quality education. It is cheapest among all private publications. This is another attraction School using NCERT books is cheapest in the market. Almost 2/3rd cost is less from another existing school’s syllabus.

FREE Text Books Facilities to Paid Students from Library:

The DORD School offers students the option of obtaining free text books. This program is offering through the school library facilities and will require an annual library membership Rs.100/. Subsequent to joining the school library, text books will be made available at no cost for the entire school year from 1st April to 31st March. Students must agree to accept responsibility for the condition of their books. At the end of the school year students will be required to return their book to the library. A fee will be levied for book that are found to be damaged, spoiled stained or blemished in any way.

When books are returned late, after end of session, a fine of Rs.5/- per day per book shall be charged and deposited in the Accounts Section of the School by the Librarian. / Teacher-in-charge of Library.

Bus Facilities:

DORD is utilizing its own Bus and Van for DORD School and have hired 3 more vehicles from markets on rental. Approx. 140 students are using Bus service facilities.


Hostel Facilities:

12 paid students are living in hostel of DORD School under supervision of Hostel Superintendent.

Software Installation for Student Fees:

We have installed software for managing, tracking and smooth functioning of day to day work of the school.

Extra Classes for Poor Muslim Girls:

When we took admissions of Muslim Girls, first of all taken test to know their level and accordingly we have arranged extra classes for them to reach level at par with other paid students.

Project Self Sustainability:

Tuition Fees from Paid Students:

Approx. Rs.1,40,000 is coming per month from Tuition Fees only from Paid students and poor muslim girls are studying free of cost with help of EIFI grant. This is remarkable recurring amount will come per month from April, 2013 onwards. As such, DORD School would be able to collect approx. Rs. 16,80,000 in this current financial year. Hoping no. of paid students will increase at least 300 to 500 in the next financial year. Our Poor Muslim girls are studying with paid students in the same Class Room and same Teacher. As, such, we are maintaining quality for them too. Even these girls will not feel isolated or interiority complex in Classes in same school. They feel much energies and have confidence to rejoice the moment and extend gratitude to EIFI funding and DORD for the noble social cause.

Hostel & Bus Charges from Students:

DORD School charges @ Rs.2,000/- per month from hostel facility from 12 students and @Rs.300 charging from Bus facilities from both paid and free students. Collected money from these two services are meeting the basic facilities of Bus and Hostel services.

Library Annual Membership Fees from Paid Students:

Almost 80% guardian of paid students prefer and taking annual membership fee giving Rs.100, and till now 318 students have taken membership of library facilities. As such, every in this year we have collected Rs.31,800 from Library Membership Fee. This money will be utilized to making reach Library further with more new text books and Journals.

Listing with Give India Mumbai for Monthly Donation Option for Meritorious Poor Muslim Girls:

DORD is already listed on Give India website for regular online donation for different causes. We have sent formal proposal to Give India for Monthly Donation Options (MDO) for to Meritorious Poor Muslim Girls for 50 students. I am hopeful Give India Representative will visit DORD School shortly for posting MDO. We shall give name Scholarship for Meritorious Poor Muslim Girls. As such, we shall be able to add 50 more Poor Muslim Girls on regular basis. We are hoping DORD will attract approx. between Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000 per month.